“Do What You Do Best & Outsource The Rest”   

How Can A Virtual Assistant Support You? 

As a small business owner or solo entrepreneur it is a fact that you wear many hats on a daily basis, even the ones you don’t particularly like!

As your business grows so does the pressure! Are you finding you have reached a plateau and come to the realisation that a change is needed, but you are unsure how to make that shift?

The key is to work on your business and not in your business. 

I’m here to help you switch gears! If you are spending hours at your desk on admin, then you are losing valuable time you could be dedicating to building client relationships and business strategy.

I can offer you cost effective support with one-off tasks, short term projects or as a long term Assistant . 

Contact me  to discuss how I can  lighten your load! 


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My Services

Blog & Website Support 

Writing blog posts and website copy is time consuming. Add all the other steps that go into publishing and your time can be drained. I can help you by:

  • Proof reading and formatting your post
  • Manage your editorial calendar scheduling
  • Content research for your future post ideas
  • Source your Images
Email Marketing Support

When it comes to your newsletters and email campaigns I’m here to do all the administrative tasks such as:

  • Update and format your newsletters
  • Schedule your newsletters and campaigns
  • Set up automated emails and broadcasts
  • Produce email marketing reports
Online Customer Support

With everything you have to do day to day, responding to queries from clients, potential clients,  affiliates and collaborators can be a strain. That’s where I come in, I will:

  • Manage and organise your email inbox
  • Manage your Facebook and Twitter direct messages
  • Create and update a FAQs knowledge base
  • Social Media: monitor and engage in your comments section
Systems & Software

I am experienced using various software systems the main ones are: 

  • WordPress, Wix
  • Mail Chimp, Infusion Soft, Convert Kit
  • Help Scout, Zen Desk, Streak
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Google docs, Google drive, Gmail Calendar


Please Note:

If you do not currently use any of these systems I can get them set up for you.

If you are currently using a system that is not listed above, I am more then happy to get skilled up in your preferred systems in my own time. 

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About Me

Hi, I’m Shalisha,

Shalisha VA

I have over 10 years experience in higher level admin and service improvement within the National Health Service. I am passionate about supporting online business owners and entrepreneurs in getting organised with all your behind the scenes administrative tasks that goes into the implementation of your online marketing strategies.

I am currently based in London however, the beauty of being a Virtual Assistant is – I’ve got your back online, wherever you are in the world!

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