2018 Black History Month Events

Its October and Black History Month has almost come to an end!

I’m not really one to hoop and holla about it, because for me Black History is every day of the year!

What I do look forward to is the countless events, that are put on during the month.

This year I tried to attend as many events as I was able and still did not get through them all. Here are just 3 of the best events I attended.

Black And Muslim In BritainSeason 2

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, project co founder Mohamed Mohamed said: ‘Black Muslim students would always go to other student groups and engage in black history, and I always wondered why the Islamic society had never done anything about

Rating: 5/5

Black and Muslim in Britain is back for it’s 2nd season! I attended last year and I was blown away. It was refreshing to be around Muslims with the same experiences as me, from different walks of life yet all with the same struggles of balancing life as a Black Muslim in Britain.  The second edition did not disappoint! I laughed, I pondered, I learnt and I socialised with some beautiful people. Check out the videos on YouTube or their Facebook page.

Follow Black and Muslim In Britain Facebook Page

WATCH – Black and Muslim in Britain Season 1 Trailer

WATCH – Black and Muslim in Britain Season 2 Trailer




“THE MOST IMPORTANT CULTURAL EXPERIENCE IN BRITISH THEATRE RIGHT NOW” – BBC                                                      Arinzé delivers an epic, lyrical journey through the pulsating heart and underground soul of inner city London. An inventive blend of gig theatre, spoken word, live art and direct address, Misty confronts the assumptions and expectations underpinning the act of telling a story.

Rating: 4/5

This show was playing at the Trafalgar  Studios in the West End.  One of the best one man shows I have watched in 2018.

Misty is showing until the 17th November. If you can I recommend you add this to your calendar – it is definite a must see!! MISTY – TICKETS

Pros: The imagery, the humour, the spoken word, the live music,  and the actors talent.

Cons: There were a couple of slap stick comedy moments that seemed awkwardly misplaced or went on for too long



Akala and David Olusoga: Striking the Empire

Dissect the making and unmaking of civilisations and cultures at a conversation between MOBO award-winning hip-hop poet Akala and historian David Olusoga.

Rating: 5/5

This timely discussion was held at the Royal Festival Hall. I went with one of my best friends and we had an awesome time.

The conversation between David and Akala explored everything from empire and race to culture and class, retracing and contextualising the roots of modern British society.

June Sarpong was the host, she was excellent! I did not realise how funny she was. Growing up with her as the T4 presenter  on Sunday mornings              ( showing my age) gave me a sense of nostalgia.





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