DAY 2 & 3 : Nothing In Life Is An Accident

Day Two of:#You are enough 30 day blogging challenge

“Had I not walked down that road at that exact time, had I kept walking and not stopped to give the time my life may have panned out very differently to what it is today.”

There have many people who have come into my life and made an impact however, the biggest stand out who changed the whole trajectory of my life into what it is today was my dear friend Michael, who introduced me to Islam.

I was 21 years old living my best life, drinking, a little too much and having “fun”.  I was the life of the party in public, but in private I felt so alone. I had recently come out of a 3 year relationship.  I felt like I no longer knew who “I” was outside of  being and “us”.  I felt empty. Like there was something missing and there was more to life than what was meeting my eye.

One rainy November evening, I was walking home with my black umbrella up; the collar of my black jacket zipped right to the top. I was in deep thought about what I was doing with my life. As turned onto my road I noticed a silver Toyota Yaris parked up with the headlights on.

As I passed I heard someone say, “excuse me miss” I went over and poked my head into the window, “yes” I said “Don’t mean to trouble you but do you have the time?” he was a handsome young man with a beard and  a cheeky grin. “err, its 7.45”  I replied.                    No sooner had the words left my mouth I noticed his phone in his hand, so clearly he  already knew the time!

To cut a long story short we exchanged numbers and our friendship blossomed. We would speak for hours on the phone about everything underneath the sun. Every encounter we would discuss religion. Well I say discuss we would have heated debates, consisting of  me telling him all the reasons why “man made religions” were not my thing.

They would usually end with him giving me a lecture to watch on YouTube or giving me a book to read. He’d say ‘well read this and then tell me what you think’ He was so passionate and had a way of explaining things so that you could fully understand. Even if you didn’t agree with him you left having learned something.

He introduced me to titles such as, ‘Towards understanding Islam’ and ‘Three fundamental principals’ I would devour the books and make notes. The next time I saw him we would debate the points.  As time went on the more I read the more I realised how much sense Islam made and how much it aligned with what I already believed. It was as if what I was reading, I already knew, it was as if I was just remembering. 

Eventually our debates turned into me asking him to give me something else to watch, something more to read. I couldn’t get enough. The last book he gave me was the Qur’an.  The moment I started it I couldn’t put it down, I read it assiduously. I read it as I ate dinner, as I walked to the bus stop, on the bus, on my lunch breaks at work. I finished it in 48 hours cover to cover. As I turned the last page I was convinced that Islam was without a doubt the truth.

Not long after alone  in my bedroom I took my Shahadah. I didn’t tell Michael for a couple of months. I didn’t want him to think I done it because of him.  Fast forward a year later and we had plans to be married. Unfortunately things happened and it was postponed. A couple of weeks later I received a call to say he had passed away in his sleep. Sudden Death Syndrome they said. I was distraught.

It has been just over 10 years to the date I poked my head through his Silver Toyota Yaris. Had I not walked down that road at that exact time, had I kept walking and not stopped to give the time my life may have panned out very differently to what it is today.

As I type this I smile from the inside out. I can still see his huge cheeky grin and hear his boyish laughter. I can still see his loving eyes and remember his wise words of advice.  Looking up at my bookshelf I see all the books he gave me including my very first Qur’an. They are a constant reminder of the great impact he has had on my life, and the lives of my future children.

Had I not walked down that road at that exact time, I may have never

May Allah grant him forgiveness and a place in the highest stations of Jannah – Ameen

Day2: Talk about a time in your life when you have been “touched by an angel,” or had a God wink moment that helped get you back on track or see something in your life through new eyes.

Day 3: I talk about how sometimes it takes losing yourself to find yourself. Share a time you felt lost, and how you got “found.

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