November 2018: Top Events Of The Month

I promised myself a while back that I would take myself on at least two dates. So these are 3 of the dates I took myself on, there were two HITS and a MISS. Check it out!


Screenshot_20181126-125604.pngThe Hate You Give (Movie): 

Location: Odeon Cinema 

Rating: 10/10 



After reading the book The Hate U Give I waited in anticipation of the UK release. I decided to take myself on a date, something I’ve been incorporating for a while.

The movie lived up to my expectations. I cried, laughed and cried again throughout the whole thing. The  Director (Steve McQueen) stayed true to script and followed the overall story arch of the book. A few scenes were not included and a scene or two added, this is usually to be expected in movie adaption of books and did not impact the overall vibe and message.

I would recommend you go out and watch this or Netflix and Chill it. Watch Trailer




Penguin Live Presents #Merky Books Live (Launch) 

Location: Barbican Theatre 

Rating: 8/10


This was the second of my November date nights. It was on a Wednesday so it was a mad rush to get home from work freshen up and get there on time.

 Stormzy and Penguin Random House have collaborated to set up a new publishing company by the name of #Merky Books, and this event was the launch. The Tickets were around £30 which included a copy of Stormzy’s new book “Rise Up” (RRP £16.99) so it was worth it.

The evening was hosted by award-winning hip-hop artist and writer Akala, with special guests such as Malorie Blackman, Jude Yawson and Chelsea Kwakye.

Things kicked off with two dynamic poetry pieces performed by two young people, followed by a humorous and inspiring panel discussion exploring the role of literature in our lives, Setting goals and being determined on the path towards your dreams.

The  second half of the evening was an intimate conversation with Stormzy.  Akala delved into how Stormzy first got into the industry, what inspired him to set up a university fund for black children to go to Cambridge and how the publishing company deal came about.

All in all it was a great evening , it was nice to see youth making major footprints in their path to success when so often we see our youth painted in the media, in such a negative light. I left feeling motivated to go on and make my own footprints.

Watch the first half of the screening here



Ear For An Eye by Debbie Green Tucker (Theatre)

Location: Royal Court Theatre 

Rating:2 /10 


This is one of my sister’s favorite playwrights. She had been trying to get tickets for weeks which were priced at around £45 however, every Monday you could purchase them for £12!

As you can imagine tickets were sold out in minutes, we managed to bag some! Running time for this show was around 2 hours with no intermission, we thought we were in for a treat instead we were underwhelmed.

 Ear for an eye explored themes within the UK and US of how young black people are treated by police and society in general and explores how this impacts them and their families; The choice of being violent or non violent during Protest. The issues were thought provoking but the execution, not so much.

The actors spoke with English accents and others with an American accent which got annoying at times. I did enjoy the acting skills of some of the actors in particular Kayla Meikle (the actress in the orange top above), who gave a powerful monologue. She plays an intelligent African American teenager with a love of science and math, and a knack for logical thinking.

The play ended with a video reel of white men, women and children reading race separation laws of the past from the UK and US. This went on for about 10 – 15 minutes and I honestly could not see the point.

It was like a bad secondary school history class.  If there had been a video showing the race history that is never spoken about such as medical testing on black people, and actual tactics that were set up to stop the advancement of black people it would have made more sense.  Or had Tucker shown examples of how between the 1930’s and 2018 there has been progress but at the same time some of the same power systems are still in place just more obscure, there would have been a more palatable message.

All in all that was most definitely a miss for me.

Watch Ear for an eye| rehearsal videos

What good events have you attended  this month? Lets discuss. 

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