The Three Fundamental Principals

Following on from the previous lesson The Four Principals Of Shirk, we also went through the book, The Three Fundamental Principals.
Book Studied: The Three Fundamental Principals ( Thalathatul Usul)
Author: Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab
Teacher: Shaykhul Fahad al Fuhaid – Imam at the University Of Riyad
Institute: Madinah College, Brixton (Online Class)
Bio of Muhammad Ibn Adbdul Wahab

Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab was born in Arabia into a family of scholars. From his Grandfather, to his Uncle to his Father who was also a famous well respected Qadi (Judge). He studied under his father and completed the memorisation of the Quran at the age of ten. He then travelled to Madina and Iraq where he studied under well known and knowledgeable scholars.

Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab authored many of the well known and important books on shirk and innovation such as, Kitab al Tawheed, Usul al Thalatha and Al Qawa’aid al arba’ah. The Shaykh died at 91 years old and is praised by many of his students and scholars

Why are the 3 fundamental principals important?

The three fundamental principals are the foundation of the whole religion. These three principals are the three questions we will all be asked about in our graves.

  • Who is your Lord?
  • What is your religion?
  • Who is your Prophet

narrated by Abu Dawood in his Sunan (4753) and classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood, 2979.]

Every Muslim must have knowledge of the answers so they are able to do as Surah al Asr instructs:

  • Act upon them
  • Call to them
  • have patience in persevering

Principal One: Who is your Lord?

Answer: Allah is the creator and owner of the worlds and everything in it! We know this by pondering the intricacies of the workings of the universe, plants, humans, animals knowing that nobody but Allah could have brought this all into being.

This brings us to the realisation that it is Allah alone who deserves to be worshipped and thus we look upon the categories of tawheed, i.e the oneness of Allah in his:

  1. Lordship, being the one who created everything (Tawheed ar ruboobiyah)
  2. Names and Attributes, which no one else can compare (Tawheed al asma wa siffat)
  3. Right to be worshipped without any partners ( Tawheed al ulooohiyah)

What is Worship?

In Islam worship constitutes every part of a Muslim’s life. As well as praying, fasting and other religious acts, worship is also supplicating to Allah asking for a need you may have or seeking refugee with Allah; the emotions one feels such as hope/longing, reverential fear, placing trust and reliance in Allah; as well as your deeds and actions such as having kushoo (humility) in prayer, Sacrificing, vows and repenting. All of the actions of a Muslim must be done solely for Allah alone.

Principal Two: What is your religion?

Answer: Our religion is Islam, which is to submit to Allah alone in worship and turning away from shirk. It is the religion that all the prophets and messengers who came before called the people to.
In the well known hadith of the Angel Jibreel, who came to teach the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions the details of religion; we are informed of the three levels upon which Islam is formed and which all types of worship fall under.

  1. Islam – The Five Pillars Of Islam
  • Shahadah – testification that there is no true God except Allah
  • Establishing the prayer
  • Paying the Zakah
  • Fasting the month of Ramadhan
  • Hajj at least once ( If you are able)

2. Emaan – The Six Pillars Of Emaan

  • Belief in Allah
  • Belief in His Angels
  • Belief in his Books
  • Belief in His prophets
  • Belief in the hereafter
  • Belief in Qadar, the good and bad of it

3. Ihsaan – Perfection Of worship
That you worship Allah as though you can see Him and if you cannot do that, then at least as though you know He can see you.

Principal Three: Who is your Prophet?

As Muslims we should know at the very least the basic information about the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him such as:

His Lineage: He is Muhammad ibn Abdullah, ibn Abdul Muttalib ibn Hashim

His Tribe: He comes from the tribe of Quraish who come from the Arabs, who come from the lineage of the Prophet Abraham’s son Ishma’eel

His Background and Revelation: Before revelation came to him he was known to be truthful and trustworthy by the people. He was sent as a mercy to all mankind to call to tawheed and the rejection of shirk. The revelation came to him at the age of 40. He lived in makkah for 53 years and then migrated to Madina where he stayed for 10 years. His prophet hood lasted 23 years.

His Death: He died at the age of 63 in Madina

If we are not clear upon the answers to these three questions then we will not be able to answer them when questioned in our graves.
This is a summary of what can be studied in the book The Three Fundamental Principals. A PDF copy is available Here for download
To take the online class visit Madinah College’s website Here


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