DAY 2 & 3 : Nothing In Life Is An Accident

Day Two of:#You are enough 30 day blogging challenge "Had I not walked down that road at that exact time, had I kept walking and not stopped to give the time my life may have panned out very differently to what it is today." There have many people who have come into my life and … Continue reading DAY 2 & 3 : Nothing In Life Is An Accident

DAY 1: The First Pain

Day one of:  The #You are enough 30 day blogging challenge Going through the physical pains of labour knowing for sure that upon delivery he would leave this world, was a pain that cannot be explained.   I am Muslim, in Islam Tattoos are prohibited as it involves changing the creation of Allah. I reverted … Continue reading DAY 1: The First Pain

MOTIV-ation Monday

KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS HIGH and BE PREPARED FOR HIGH INTENSITY EFFORT!  This week STOP with the negative self talk. The only thing stopping you from getting to where you need to be is YOU. Focus on what it is you need to do to achieve your goals. Think of two ACTIONS that you can take RIGHT … Continue reading MOTIV-ation Monday

Manifestation Vs Trust In Allah

I recently read a book by Jen Sincero entitled YOU are a BADASS at MAKING MONEY' The books concept centres around manifestation, thoughts becoming words and words impacting your reality. I've always been very sceptical when it comes to the subject of  manifestation as it can sometimes begin to go down a path similar to shirk or self … Continue reading Manifestation Vs Trust In Allah

2018 Black History Month Events

Its October and Black History Month has almost come to an end! I'm not really one to hoop and holla about it, because for me Black History is every day of the year! What I do look forward to is the countless events, that are put on during the month. This year I tried to … Continue reading 2018 Black History Month Events

Navigating Prayer On The Job

What do you do when you’re starting a new Job and haven’t informed your employer that you pray 5 times a day? If you’re anything like me when I first became Muslim, you feel anxious and start over thinking it…  "Should I keep it to myself and pray during my lunch break – but where … Continue reading Navigating Prayer On The Job