My Silent Struggle : Neonatal Death

Time. They say it heals all wounds, they don’t tell you about the invisible scars that forever remain as a reminder of your pain. I live my life now counting days, months and years. My love and sorrow have now been converted into important numbers and dates. Let me break it down for you...

4 Essential Ways to Stop Slacking

Article Originally written for and published on Solace UK | For Revert Sisters In Difficulty Remember that feeling you felt when you first acknowledged your belief in Islam, uttering the words, Laa Illaha ill Allah, Muhammad ar’rasulAllah? That feeling of excitement about the new life you were about to embark upon?

The Three Fundamental Principals

Following on from the previous lesson The Four Principals Of Shirk, we also went through the book, The Three Fundamental Principals. Book Studied: The Three Fundamental Principals ( Thalathatul Usul) Author: Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab Teacher: Shaykhul Fahad al Fuhaid - Imam at the University Of Riyad Institute: Madinah College, Brixton (Online Class) Bio of … Continue reading The Three Fundamental Principals

The Four Principals Of Shirk

Last month I completed an online course with Madinah College studying two of the most important books of Aqeedah. Below is a summary of what I learnt and also a link to the institutes website. Book Studied: The Four Principals Of Shirk  Author:  Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab   Teacher: Shaykhul Fahad al Fuhaid - Imam at the … Continue reading The Four Principals Of Shirk

MOTIV-ation Monday

New Month, New Beginning, New Focus, New Start, New Intentions, New Result Hey guys, its Monday again. It seems like the weekend comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Just as quickly as the weekend is over the year is almost over, I cannot believe it is December! It's the  the home stretch, … Continue reading MOTIV-ation Monday

November 2018: Top Events Of The Month

I promised myself a while back that I would take myself on at least two dates. So these are 3 of the dates I took myself on, there were two HITS and a MISS. Check it out!   The Hate You Give (Movie):  Location: Odeon Cinema  Rating: 10/10  HIT   After reading the book The Hate … Continue reading November 2018: Top Events Of The Month

MOTIV-ation Monday

What goal do you want more then the distractions around you?Lately I've been battling with distractions and procrastination.  The smart phone is a blessing and a curse. It has become a mini computer everything I need is at my fingertips. Emails, Calendar, To do lists, weather updates - everything. The curse is, everything is stored on … Continue reading MOTIV-ation Monday

MOTIV-ation Monday

EXPECT TO WIN! "If you think you can or think you can't you're probably right" This week its time to gag your inner voice. The one that always wants to be the voice of reason. The voice that convinces you it's not negative, it just wants to be realistic. The voice that cant seem to help itself … Continue reading MOTIV-ation Monday

MOTIV-ation Monday

Where there's a will there's a way, we just prefer to pretend we cant do what needs to be done when really we are, fearful,insecure or too lazy to put fourth the effort to take control of how our lives are panning out.   Focus this week: STOP with the excuses! "I don't have the money" … Continue reading MOTIV-ation Monday